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Jeanine Chaton

Set of Tetris rug magnets

Set of Tetris rug magnets

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This set of handmade Tetris rug magnets will decorate your fridge while making it fun! Perfect for your fridge or a whiteboard in a child's room.

📏 The squares of each piece measure 5 by 5 cm / 2 by 2 inches.
So for example, the L-pieces are 15 by 10 cm / 6 by 4 inches, etc.

🧶 This set is composed of 7 magnets, representing the pieces of the tetris game.
They are handmade using a tufting gun. The wool used is second hand. The fabric on the back is felt. Please keep in mind that the colors on the screen may differ slightly from reality.

Fibers used

This tapestry is made with second hand yarn. It means the fibers that were used vary. There is yarn wool, acrylic, cotton, polyester, mohair etc.


Don't immerse under water. If there is a spot, rub with a soft detergent. Clean the dust with an anti-dust roller. It's normal that the rug might lose some hair. Don't pull ont it, just cut the ones that are coming out.

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