What's Jeanine Chaton ?

No, Jeanine is not a cat.

Jeanine is me, the person behind Jeanine Chaton. My brand offers stationnery items and tufted articles made in Montreal. "Chaton" (french word for kitten) is a reference to those kitsch porcelain figurines at your grandma's, to 60's children illustrated books, but also to the japanese kawaii culture and its icon, Hello Kitty.

Passionate about illustration and textile design, discovering the tufting technique was an evidence for me. I started experimenting with this practice manually in 2019 using a punch needle and my wrist's strength before deciding to go mechanical and investing in my first tufting gun. As an autodidact, the learning curve was steep ! Today, I fully master my tool and am very proud to pass on my passion and knowledge during workshop sessions.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, it'll be a pleasure to chat with you !