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Jeanine Chaton

Decorative snake rug

Decorative snake rug

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This green snake rug is handmade using a tufting gun. It measures 23 by 6 inches.

The back fabric is felt. The snake's tongue is a pipe cleaner.

You can use it in different ways:
It can be nailed to the wall (planting two or three nails through it won't damage the carpet, and the nails will disappear between the pile) in the position of your choice. Be creative! It can wrap around a light switch, a handle... It can also be a decoration placed on a piece of furniture.

Fibers used

This tapestry is made with second hand yarn. It means the fibers that were used vary. There is yarn wool, acrylic, cotton, polyester, mohair etc.


Don't immerse under water. If there is a spot, rub with a soft detergent. Clean the dust with an anti-dust roller. It's normal that the rug might lose some hair. Don't pull ont it, just cut the ones that are coming out.

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